Effective from 18th June, we are changing the teams around from Division 3 and 4.  These changes only affect games at Auburn High.  There are no changes to MLC games.

NEW DIVISION – Division 2 Reserve – teams are Ashwood Jets, Northern Tigers, Raptors 2R and Rosellas

Division 3 – Teams are Boomerangs, Blazing Stars, Comets, Helpmates, Thunder, Northern Pythons

Division 4 – Teams are Astronauts, Ashwood Champs, Jaeman Active, Redbacks, Ravens, Sharks and Wizards (there will now be a BYE in this Division)

We have spoken to many of the players, coaches, parents, supporters for all teams involved and received overwhelming support for this change which should ensure a higher level of competition for all.  The fixtures have all been redone, so please check your weekly game time.

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact Sally at admin@powerassist.org.au