On 10th August 1987, our wonderful Friday Night basketball competition began – 35 years ago. You can read about our history on the web page, but needless to say the contributions made by Vern and all of our amazing Volunteers (past and present) has been the essence of this most successful formula. We’ve literally had thousands of players over the years, all with families, supporters, teachers and friends who have come to watch.  We even have one player from day one, who is still playing.

Vern has been the founder and the inspiration for so many of us, and there’s rarely been a Friday night when he’s not been at the courts, whistle in hand, ready to teach / guide all of us. Since 2002 we’ve had a Board who are very committed and who oversee the financials, governance and strategy – a small but very dedicated group.  We have a lot of volunteers who continue to turn up week after week and organise, ref, score, do the door, and provide help in many ways.

And of course there are our players – and I think this quote from a couple of weeks ago sums it up: “I’m so excited, it’s the best time of the week, because it’s basketball” – Eleni (Division 4).  I think that’s how most of us feel.

All registered players will receive a commemorative “present” – we’ll be handing these out commencing next Friday night.  This is one of the ways we can all be reminded of how wonderful our competition is.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!