It’s really great to be back playing basketball again, and seeing so many familiar faces.  The end of March saw us return to a stadium full of cheering supporters – it was very exciting and rewarding to see so many people stay around (socially distancing of course) and catch up with old friends.

The Board have agreed to allow free entry for the month of April – many have asked about donating – so please use the donate tab on our home page to start the process.

At our Board meeting in March, Sally was re-elected to the position of Chair of the Board for a second term (up to 3 years). Sally is keen to ensure more of our strategic goals are achieved now that we are back in business.  Sally also thanked all of the Board members for their contributions – 2 years of hard work and then one year of waiting – but you should know that there was much work done in the background during 2020.  For the ongoing commitment of our six board members we should all be very grateful.

MLC and Auburn High have been very supportive, especially with assisting us to get back to regular competition.  A few changes at Auburn High have made the stadium entrance nicer and they are working hard to get that scoreboard fixed for us.  MLC have shared their COVID Safe plans with us and ensured that our players feel very welcome and safe.  Their duty officer is always available to assist each week.

We still need more players, coaches and team managers to register into  – we use this system for contact tracing and communication.  Many thanks to the120 people who have already registered.

Please remember to use the hand sanitiser when you come into the stadium and QR code registration for everyone except players.

Wishing you all a happy Easter and hopefully a long and enjoyable Winter season (games go right through until finals in October).  See you back in the stadium on 9th April.  Any questions- just email to