Helping Others Achieve Their Goals

Power Assist is a volunteer based, 'not for profit' organisation focussed on personal development and building the self esteem of people who are intellectually disabled, or otherwise disadvantaged, by providing sporting opportunities, primarily through basketball.

Power Assist was formed in 2002 when a group of passionate parents joined with Vern Tessier and other members of the Power House Basketball Club to put additional structure around the existing Friday night basketball competition.  Power Assist is a not for profit organisation and all donations are tax deductible.  The Board members work exceptionally hard to bring improvement and reliability to the weekly basketball competition.

The main program of Power Assist is to oversee the running of the Victorian Championship Basketball Competition (know to all as “Friday Night Basketball”).  This competition has been running continuously since 1987 and currently provides a regular weekly sporting opportunity for over 220 Melbourne players.

The competition is completely self-funded and has always relied on the generosity of very dedicated volunteers and supporters to continue its operations.

We cater for age groups from 12 to 80 and have 5 grades of competition which cater for all abilities – including a women’s only grade.

We are always happy to welcome new teams or individual players into the competition so if you are interested, please come along and see for yourself what a very unique competition it is!


MVP Women – Tara Durkin (left), presented by Evie Patterson (Australian Pearl)
Winter 2023 Premiers – ROAR