What drives us forward.

We have our high level goals that we strive for as a legal entity - these are our Vision Statement, our Mission and our Objects. We also have goals we strive for on a weekly basis while running the Victorian Championship Competition.

Our Vision Statement

To provide opportunities for sporting participation, for those who are disabled or otherwise disadvantaged

Our Mission

Power Assist is a volunteer based ‘not for profit’ organisation focussed on the personal development and building the self esteem of people who are intellectually disabled, or otherwise disadvantaged, by providing sporting opportunities, primarily through basketball.

Our Objectives

  • To build self respect, physical wellbeing, confidence and self esteem of our Participants
  • To administer a basketball competition for our Participants
  • To facilitate special educational programs with the aim of fostering healthy and fulfilling lifestyles for our Participants, and
  • To provide Participants with the opportunity to further develop their social skills

We have three “weekly” goals.

First is to provide an opportunity for all Participants to play basketball at a level appropriate to their abilities and skill level so the players can all have fun.

Our second is to grow the top end of the Victorian Championship Competition so that those with higher skill levels and/or the drive to improve could make the step into a mainstream basketball competition and perhaps into the Victorian or Australian teams.

In parallel to these two goals, we are also striving to secure the future of the competition.  We receive no help or funding from any national, state or local government departments nor do we receive sponsorship from public or private companies.  Our efforts have rewarded us with being recognised as a charitable organisation and can therefore receive tax deductible donations and we have been lucky enough to receive some generous donations from individuals and even other sporting clubs (for which we are very grateful!) but we are still searching for organisations who would be willing to help us in a more significant way.

Power Assist Directors – Sally Duncan (Chair), David Straughair (Treasurer), Maurice Brodie, Paul Nitas, Kathleen McNamee (Secretary), Peter Duncan