Each year we recognise significant efforts made in a variety of ways:

The John O’Toole Award – John was a parent, coach, supporter and generally helped with the running of Friday night. he was always available to provide guidance to players, parents and supporters and undertook every task with a smile and in a calm and happy manner.  This award was introduced following John’s unexpected departure, so that we can always remember the attitude and desire to help that he brought with him on Friday night.  Recipients of this award are recognised for their selfless contributions made to assisting with the success of Friday night basketball:

2006 – Avis Meddings

2007 – Jenny Powell

2008 – Sally Clayton

2009 – Craig Miles

2010 – Michael Healey

2011 – Rob Klemm

2012 – Marianne Steuart

2013 –  Bruce Tomkins

2014 – not awarded

2015 – Claudia Godtner

2016 – Karren Hansen

2017 – Peter Shepherd

2018 – Jim Poulos

2019 – Hamish Patterson

The Graeme Gooding MVP Award (Victorian Men’s Championship Grand Final Winter) – Graeme started coming to Friday night basketball with his son, Chris.  Graeme was always a passionate supporter of his son and the team.  Graeme joined a small group of interested parents in establishing a fund raising committee and then later became an inaugural member of the Power Assist Board, taking up the important position of Board Secretary.  Graeme was first and foremost a parent and ardent supporter of his son’s basketball (every Friday night and when representing Vic Metro at the Australian National Championships for many years).  We very much miss Graeme and are forever grateful for the contribution he chose to make to the success of what we do.  The winners of this award are:

2012 – Jake Nitas (Roar)

2013 – Nate Lounh (Doncaster)

2014 – Frazer Dawber (Roar)

2015 – Frazer Dawber (Roar)

2016 – Nate Lounh (Doncaster)

2017 – Jake NItas (Roar)

2018 – Jake Nitas (Roar)

2019 – Max McGuire (Roar)

The Avis Meddings MVP Award (Victorian Women’s Championship Grand Final Winter) – Avis was one of the first coaches to help when this competition started, getting involved when she was Deputy Principal at the Ashwood Special School.  She encouraged many, many players to come and play basketball, to learn how to score, to coach and to referee.  Avis has always been a passionate supporter of all players but in particular those who don’t have much other support.  She has always been amazingly generous with her love, patience, encouragement, time, understanding, care and thoughtfulness.  Avis made a difference every single week that she attended (over 1,000 nights of basketball) often staying for many games to help, encourage or just watch her players.  The winners of this award are:

2014 – Monica Ward (Rebels)

2015 – Monica Ward (Avengers)

2016 – Sam Williver (Gs Unit)

2017 – Zarah Smith (Avengers)

2018 – Riki Fichtl (Avengers)

2019 – Maggie Murray (Avengers)

The David McFarlane Award (Division 2) – David became involved with Friday Night basketball as a Dad, bringing his son Ash.  He quickly took on a coaching role.  David was a fierce competitor as a coach, but always with the best interests of Ash and his team mates at heart. David wanted to do more.  He worked with the organisers to establish a fund raising group and then the creation of Power Assist. David’s leadership qualities made him an excellent candidate for the role of Chairman, a position he held for 15 years. During this time the stability and resilience of the organisation behind the basketball games has grown from a weekly proposition to a fully financed, professionally run, not-for-profit, enduring business with great governance and a secure future.  David has been instrumental in building this, leading and inspiring the Board members, tackling the hard issues, always with a sense of purpose, fairness and desire to make a difference to the lives of so many.  David was particularly proud of starting the second stadium in 2009 (at MLC), hosting the Division 2 competition.  David helped to make all our lives better, because he cared, he laughed and he loved.  We will all be forever grateful for this man and everything he has given to us, for sharing his family, his home, his vision, his passion, his common sense, and above all his friendship.  The inaugural winner of this award is:

2018 – Matt Gibson (Leppards)

2019 – Joel Paull

Announced at our 2018 Christmas Party and Presentation Night – Congratulations to our new Lifetime Achievement Award winners:

  • 30+ years – Michael Healy – been playing right from the start
  • 30+ years – Vern Tessier (founder), David Straughair (Board Member and Treasurer) and Maurice Brodie (Board Member)
  • 25+ years – from the Astronauts team – Emeil Rachi, Veronica Melicevic, Anthony Reid and David Frith
  • 25+ years – from the Hoovers – Marcel Reyes, Chris Goodwin and Michael Batsoukas
  • 25+ years – Craig Miles (Div 2 Wild Dogs and Referee), Jim Poulos (Dukes), Peter Karidis (Doncaster)

In 2019 we announced a few more – but still looking for people to self nominate by sending your playing/coaching/volunteering details/dates to admin@powerassist.org.au

  • 20+ years – Matt Gibson (Leppards), Chris Spittel (Leppards), Daniel Hartley (Help Mates)
  • 20+ years – Peter Duncan (referee, Board Member, administrator), Sally Duncan (door person, Board member – Director Administration, Chair (2018-), sometimes referee)