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FIXTURES – Find out when your team plays

The competition now uses PLAYHQ for all our fixtures, results and ladders.  You can access this on your phone, tablet or PC.

Check out the “Fixture” option on our homepage, select your team from the list.  You will then see a PLAYHQ page which shows lots of information about your team and the Division you play in.  You will be able to easily see what time your next game is on.

How the Divisions Work

There are 5 divisions in the competition:

  • Championship Men – these are our very best players.  All standard basketball rules apply (of course the ref’s have some discretion).  These games are fast and physical and require a good understanding of the rules of the game.  This is the highest standard of games in our competition.  The teams are Blaze, Doncaster, Dukes, Raiders, Roar and Wolfpack.  Games are played at both stadiums.
  • Championship Women – this division is only for female players.  As the range of skills varies considerably the referees are required to be flexible depending on each player’s skills.  Our intention is to ensure all women/girls have the opportunity to enjoy playing basketball, while also being challenged to learn and develop higher skills.  The teams are Angels, Avengers, Knights, Lightning and Wild Kats.  Games are played at both stadiums.
  • Division 2 – all Division 2 games are played at MLC.  This division is a combination of young players who are growing their skills and older players who are no longer able to physically compete at the top level but still have great skills.  This is a mixed division but only a few women have chosen to play at this level.  This competition is also fast and physical.  The teams are Fire, Leppards, Outlaws, Raptors, Razors and Wild Dogs.
  • Division 3 – this is a mixed division with many teams made up of both men and women.  The majority of standard rules apply but the referees will be lenient on 3 seconds, cross court and other rules (depending on the skills of the players) – always looking to teach players and improve their skills.  We are trialling a few games at MLC but the majority of games are played at Hawthorn.  The teams are Blazing Stars, Comets, Dragon Snakes, Hoovers, Rage, Rebels and Thunder.
  • Division 4 – this is also a mixed division and considered our participation level.  All games are played at Hawthorn.  All players are encouraged to participate and often given the opportunity to dribble and shoot uncontested.  This is a great division for players commencing basketball and also for those who wish to play at a slower speed.  The teams are Ashwood Champs, Astronauts, Boomerangs, Ravens, Redbacks and Wizards.


Understand the rules that apply to our competition. This is where you can read our competition by-laws.

Player Registration

Basketball Victoria registration fees are now included as part of the weekly door charge – no additional payments are required.

Basketball Uniforms

  • Singlet:  Each Player must have a singlet with a number.  Singlets must be of the same basic colour for each team.  A T-Shirt worn under the singlet must match the uniform colour.
  • Shorts:  Each player should wear Basketball Shorts.  Each team should have the same colour shorts. Black shorts are available for sale at the front desk.  Board Shorts, Track Suit Pants & Shorts with pockets are NOT allowed.
  • Jewellery:  No player is allowed to wear jewellery on court.  This includes rings (unless a flat ring with tape over it), necklaces, bracelets, etc.  Piercings of any sort MUST be removed before taking to the court.

One Game per Night

Players may only play one game per night, except for women players who may play once for a Women’s Championship team and once for another team.  Any teams that require players to fill-in to avoid a walkover must obtain the approval of the Referee Supervisor on the night.


Any team that cannot field a team of at least four players will forfeit the match.  A walkover is scored as 20 to Nil against the team giving the walkover.  A team that gives more than three walkovers in a season will need to have a chat with us about their teams’ situation.  Walkovers mean that everyone misses out – so we want to avoid them whenever possible.   If you are aware that you won’t have enough players please contact us via phone or email – if you give us plenty of notice we can make sure that the impact on others is minimised.  Please consider just turning up with the players you have as a scratch match is also an option.

Late Start

Each team must have at least four players to start the game.  Once ‘centres’ has been called by the referees, each team has 10 minutes to start play.  Time lost will be penalised at 1 point per minute to the offending team.  If a team does not have four players, a walkover will be awarded to the other team.


To assist with the running of the competition, each team must supply a scorer.  If the scorer is unsure of how to score, the referees will help them – this is a great opportunity to learn about scoring, a skill which will always be useful.  If you are a beginner, just make sure you have a chat with the referee at the start of the game.

Fair Play

To ensure good sportspersonship and fair play, a team that reaches a lead of 20 points or more should consider playing an inside the key (zone) defence.  This rule will be explained by the referee.  It is expected that all coaches will recognise the benefit of this rule, support it and explain it to their players when required.

Promotion and Relegation

At the end of each season, the organisers will assess the performance of each team.  Teams that have performed well will be promoted to a higher grade so that they can continue to improve their basketball skills.  Teams that have not won many games will be moved to a lower grade so that they too can improve their skills and their confidence.

Eligibility for Finals

Players must have played at least 2/3rds of the total season games for a team to be eligible to play in the finals.  You may confirm the eligibility of players a few weeks before the finals commence.  If you think a certain player has special circumstances that should be taken into consideration, you may apply to the organisers in writing at least 2 weeks before the finals and your request will be considered.

Special Note to All Coaches

The competition holds sportspersonship in the highest regard.  If for any reason, a team decides to abandon a game once started, that team will be required to have a serious conversation with the organising committee.  We believe strongly in the benefits that basketball and our competition bring to the lives of our players, and take a dim view of situations where emotions and unsportspersonlike behaviour interfere with people having a great night at basketball.  We encourage coaches to put concerns in writing so that thorough investigations can be completed prior to decisions being made.

Technical Fouls

Technical fouls called will result in a 5 minute sin bin penalty.  If a second technical foul is called in a game the player may not return to the court (in that game or any other game that night) AND will receive a 2 week suspension (they must come and support their team for those 2 weeks).

Social Media

Power Assist have developed a Social media Policy (a full copy can be requested).

Under no circumstances should bullying, harassing, offensive comments or disparaging remarks be made about any other participant of Power Assist.

No disparaging remarks or negative opinions are to be made or expressed about Power Assist or its competition, volunteers, directors or its business methods.

The privacy of all participants, volunteers, family and supporters of Power Assist should be protected with respect to posting photos or videos on social networking sites. Permission should be sought from all people depicted in any photograph that is connected in any way to Power Assist. Without limiting the breadth of that instruction, this applies to photographs of weekly games, finals, Christmas parties, or any event sponsored by or promoted by Power Assist.

Participants, volunteers, family and supporters of Power Assist shall not publicly post inappropriate content on a social media forum. Inappropriate content includes, but is not limited to, content that:

  • bullies, harasses or discriminates against another participant, volunteer, family member or supporter;
  • damages the reputation or business interests Power Assist and it’s directors; and
    is otherwise unlawful.

A breach of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, including possible termination of membership of Power Assist.