Power Assist is an organisation that very much relies on Volunteers.  In fact, we have no paid staff.  From our Board members to our weekly helpers (door people, BBQ people, referees, scorers, coaches, managers) – every one of these people gives their time to change our community and change the lives of our participants.

During National Volunteer Week, please take a moment to thank the people who help you with your basketball dreams.

I’d like to thank Peter Duncan, Vern Tessier, Maurice Brodie, Kathleen McNamee, Davis Straighair, Paul Nitas and Ian Taylor – these people help me drive the strategic plan for Power Assist and our weekly Friday night competition – they give so much of their time and energy and bring their very best selves to our Board meetings and Operational meetings. Collectively they make Friday nights fun while all the while looking to how we can improve our competition.

We also have many weekly volunteers – door people at both stadiums, BBQ people at Auburn, referees at both stadiums.  There’s always lots of emails and phone calls going on during the week to ensure we have people in the right places with the right skills, at both stadiums, for the whole night.  Very few of these people are parents or relatives – but more common for them to be friends of ours or fellow basketball people who just want to help.  They give their time because Friday night basketball is fun and gives each of us a great sense of making a fabulous contribution.

And we couldn’t run the competition without our parents, family and supporters who coach, score, and generally support the teams and players.

THANK YOU, to all our fabulous VOLUNTEERS !!!!!


Power Assist – Chair